Ladies radio watches with leatherbound book and metal tape

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The attractive watches of the brand Regent for ladies are convincing with many nice details. Thus you are available to you, for example, in high-grade steel, gilds or in Bicolor. To the other equipment of the pretty radio watches belong leather tapes, sporty watches which own a metal tape and still indicate you reliably the date. Of course the wristwatches are watertight up to a pressure of five bars, so that you must give no troubles about the security yourselves. Order the noble watches for ladies from and take pleasure in a valuable time knife.

Watch Regent FR-263 radio controlled
Womens's watch 30mm with Regent radio clock with white dial and a combination of polished and frosted elements completely in stainless steel and 3 bar pressure-resistant
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Other signs of the ladies radio wristwatches

If you love sportiness, you should look the ladies' watches from weakly polished titan. To the nice details belong, for example, a polished lunette which looks very elegant in combination with a coloured dial. So that the watches also remain certainly there and then, they are equipped with a security folding fastening. For example, 2 pointer quartz work is responsible for the reliable announcements of the time, while the date is indicated digitally. The dial of the watches with mineral glass is protected. The manufacturer regent grants on the clockwork as a rule a guarantee of two years. Look the wonderful wristwatches comfortably from home with