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The first mechanical watches from the 13th century first consisted of the dial and two hands. The Scandinavian designers Steen Georg Christensnen and Erling Andersen questioned the traditional understanding of the mechanical wristwatch.

In 1984 Steen Georg Christiansen took over his father's watch factory, which was already producing watches for the large Danish designers Arne Jacobsen, Henning Koppel and Erik Magnussen. In addition to the day-to-day business, Steen and his partner Erling set themselves the goal of designing a wristwatch that was to revolutionize the idea of ​​a watch. This watch should be as minimalistic as possible and should only consist of a dial and hands.

The result is the PICTO. PICTO stands for picture and this name is very apt. The minimalist graphic depicts Pikto watches as a striking picture of time like no other wristwatch. PICTO is the first wristwatch in the world to represent time as a pictogram - a time icon in constant circular motion.

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Striking and yet simple, that is the watch from the PICTO brand. One look at the watch is enough to reveal the extravagant style. The numbers on the rotating dial are missing; instead, in the analog time display, a dot indicates the hour and a single bar pointer indicates the minutes. The point and pointer stand out in color from the background and make it easier for you to interpret the time. You can even have the time displayed digitally or retrograde. If you prefer an original ladies watch, the ladies watch fulfills its purpose as a time indicator and an unusual accessory.

The PICTO women's watch combines exclusive optics and high quality. At you either choose the watch with a flexible silicone strap or you buy the model with a resistant Milanese steel strap. Alternatively, opt for the make with a pretty leather strap. Mineral glass protects the dial - exceptional hardness and durability characterize the glass. Mineral glass differs from the plastic glass commonly used in watches by its 20 times stronger structure. In your free time, the exceptional designer watch proves versatility. You can keep the watch on your arm while swimming, because the waterproof wristwatch for women withstands a pressure of up to 50 meters.

You don't have to maintain a minimalist lifestyle for the watch to suit you. On the contrary - the unique design of the PICTO women's watch enables a wide range of uses. In everyday working life, the watch never seems inappropriate, because the simple design is unobtrusive. The designer watch also fits in the office, in the doctor's office or in the bank. The PICTO wristwatch is also suitable for your leisure activities. When strolling through the city or doing sports, the women's watch is safe. Combine the original designer watch with the outfit of your choice. Highlight the elegant style of clothing or nuance your classic wardrobe with the ladies' watch from PICTO. Buy your designer watch with a matching bracelet online at!