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Roman Arne Jacobsen Watches: Less is More

Arne Jacobsen Roman-style watches follow the masterful design language of the world-famous Danish architect. Buy at your model!

Arne Jacobsen, who died in Copenhagen in 1971, was one of the most important architects of the last century. His designs and designs are based on the principles of functionalism. The possible fields of application are the focus. Beauty is achieved through simple means and clear forms. The Roman-style clocks, named after the architect, are a masterpiece of these principles. They rely on dials with Roman numerals. Because of that, the chronometers fall on even without verzänkeltes design directly on. The model is the clock of the Aarhus town hall, which Jacobsen designed in 1941.

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Arne Jacobsen Roman-style watches: discover the special features of the design

The Roman numerals have given the watches their name. The English adjective "roman" is nothing but "Roman". Apart from the numbers, no other design peculiarities seem obvious at first glance. However, this impression is deceptive. The longer you look at one of the watches, the more special features you will discover. For example, the second hand and minutes are missing. However, this minimalism does not detract from the functionality: the hour and minute hands and the Roman numerals ensure that you can always keep a close eye on the time.

The design of the existing pointer almost imperceptibly breaks with minimalism. Their tips are not smooth, but pear-shaped. The end of the two pointers driven by a quartz movement is also thickened. The crown also has a special feature: it is not smooth, but wavy. This is not only visually appealing, but also functional. It's easier to make adjustments because your fingers do not slip off.

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Here at you have various choices if you want to buy an Arne Jacobsen timepiece in the Roman style. You can choose between the following diameters of the dial:

  • - 30mm
  • - 34mm
  • - 40mm
  • - 46mm

You can choose the color of bracelets according to your personal preference. Black, brown, blue or steel are the different variants. In addition, the bracelet can not be smooth, but mesh-style. It is made of leather or steel. You also have options in the design of the dial: This can be white with black numbers - or vice versa.

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