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Manifold describes the range of Danish watches at You will find extraordinary products in a simple look and yet unusual design. Wear the watch on different occasions. In everyday work, the accessory looks serious and ensures a serious presence among customers. Alternatively, use the watch of the manufacturer in your spare time and combine your copy with any clothing. In sporty outfits, the watches integrate as well as in the classic style.

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Outstanding feature of the City Hall watches by Arne Jacobsen is the large dial on a narrow band. The marking of the dial visually stands out from the ground, the time is easy to read. The construction and color of the bracelet varies depending on the design clock. You will find watches with contrarily colored and same-colored bracelet. Choose from the diverse assortment of a copy that underlines your personality and complements your clothing style. For customers who prefer the manufacturer's eye-catching watches, the City Hall with Milanaise stainless steel bracelet is ideal, for example. The stainless steel mesh strap closes with a slide closure. If you prefer classic wristwatches, recommends the design clock with black dial. Band and dial are characterized by deep black color. The white markings on the sheet make it easy for you to read the time accurately.

Arne Jacobsen attaches great importance to the appearance and durability of watches in the production of his watches. The watches are waterproof and withstand a water depth of 30 meters. The watch glass is made of slightly curved mineral glass, a material whose hardness speaks for the quality of the material. Resistance and strength predestine the glass as a secure protection of the dial with the two hands. The minute hand of the City Hall Design Watch extends to the number mark. Between the marks, dots indicate individual minutes. Discover unique Arne Jacobsen designer watches online and buy the model that suits you!