Bankers Watches by Arne Jacobsen: simple - great.

Elegant Arne Jacobsen Bankers watches with analog dial

Discover the wide range of visually appealing Arne Jacobsen Bankers watches with precise quartz movement, which will be an eye-catcher on your wrist. The unique design of the hour display on the dial is designed as a grid. Each grid on the dial symbolizes one of the digits from one to twelve with a filled box in black. This innovative design creates a lot of variety for the eye every time you look at an Arne Jacobsen Bankers watch.

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Red dot in the middle of Arne Jacobsen Banker's faceplate

The center of each of the beautiful clocks inspired by the National Bank of Denmark clock is red. The two hour and minute hands converge at this red dot in the middle of the dial. With minimal design elements, the Danish designer has created an artistic masterpiece that you can wear as a miniature on your wrist. The ten-millimeter-thick case of the model with the convex mineral glass is available in sizes 30, 34, 40 and 46 millimeters for men and women. Each of the sturdy stainless steel watch cases is pressure resistant up to 30 bar, so that divers can take a look at their reliable favorite watch even at a depth of 30 meters.

Jewel and Timepiece - Designer Wrist Watch

The name of the Arne Jacobsen Bankers watch, which is also popular as a collector's item, fits perfectly with the original in Denmark. For everyday life you have the choice between different color variants of the wristwatch, which can be both a timepiece and a piece of jewelry for you. Let yourself be surprised by the extravagant effects of the white and black dials with the grids, the two simple elegant hands and the red dot. You can also choose between many different ribbons for your new designer watch. The leather and steel straps are available in sizes 14, 16, 20 and 22 millimeters to match the different sized cases. In contrast to the leather strap with the pin buckle, the Milanaise steel strap has a sliding buckle.