Wall clocks for children with topical motives in 3D

Child wall clocks

Online unique child wall watches in 3D-optics

Children live in a coloured world, you prefer her room colorfully. Optically suitable details optimise the general view of the room; a clock belongs to the basic equipment. The extensive repertoire of wall watches for children leaves you and your child the possibility to choose a unique make. For different residential styles you find in the on-line shop various patterned watches in various colours. Beside child wall watches there are with Grossuhren.de child wristwatches for boys and girls.

Child wall watches - signs

Optically differ the child wall watches offers of the shop by her colour variety. Bright and dark patterns, strong colours and pastel tones determine the picture of the wall watches. For your son and your daughter you find in blue held models or pieces with prevailing Rose's tones. The big figures are well readable and tuned colourfully to the respective clock. Small points in the external edge, deposited with figures, show single minutes. The pointers contrast with the subsoil without looking meddlesome; to minute hands and second pointer clearly differentiate of each other. Various colouring of both pointers makes easier the reading of the time to children. The long, narrow second pointer is marked by his own colouring. As a specific feature is valid the three-dimensional surface of the figure sheet on which figures and pictures look sculptural - an aspect which raises the attraction of the watches for the children. As advantageous the silent clockwork, without second kink turns out.

Many-faceted offers with Grossuhren.de

Wall clock "WAL01" is created for natural lovers like. Flowers and butterflies adorn the figure sheet. At night the child reads the time thanks to luminous pointers. Article "WAL05" of Jaques Farel gives time to the dream. Small adventures find fallen in the pirate and his ship. The black border gives a frame to the sea-blue figure sheet. Quartz lends stability to the clock, plastic glass is long-lasting. Implementation "WAL04" is liked with young researchers - three dinosaurs adorn the figure sheet. The delivery occurs in a Blisterbox with Bubble Bag. In the on-line shop you find a wide repertoire of child watches. Wall watches for children and child wristwatches are a component of the assortment - you shop with Grossuhren.de excluding watches for children and youngsters.

Children wristwatch princess pink WAL11
Child wall clock for girl princess pink without tick, with luminous pointer Jacques Farel WAL11
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