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The time will read to the multi-coloured child's play

This year's scout sets child clocks collection, in comparison to the last years, an other advanced revolution and is larded with many new designs. Dreams become true with flying horses, damned roe deer an ode also for Jungs the popular football motive child watches. Two models with sparkling glittering stones on the unilaterally swivelling lunette are new also.

Points clock bracelets - perfect tense with scout children watches

On the production-technical side there are novelties which amaze, as for example the new tape printing on the imitation leather as well as the textiles to the bracelets which allow an up to now unequalled quality to reproduce Kleinstmotive and delicacies perfectly. Therefore motives show to themselves the scout in excellent clarity and sharpness. The new Textilbä nder are even softer and offer a great Tragekomfort. The thorn fastening is free of nickel of course.

Real cool scout child wrist watches

Eager with technology Jung find her highlight in the new clock from the series Screwdriver. She fascinates by a black case which are decorated by real, polished screw heads. The also polished and elated hourly figures on the black dial round the general view and make this clock simply irresistibly. The soft toy set is liked also extremely. Here there is to the scout clock the suitable soft toy as a key follower. Another climax are the watches of the series The scout - sportily, brightly and unusually - a Must Have for the modern kids from today.

Scout wake up timer whispering-quietly

Also in the scout of alarm clocks assortment gives the new to discover. Importantly: All scout alarm clock and wall watches have an extremely run-quiet clockwork and are whispering-quiet therefore. The scout child watches collection offers extremely tough, high-class child watches on grounds of her nearly 25-year-old experience.

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